Ready to tap the international markets?

We accompany companies preparing to enter the global capital markets.
We support organisations from emerging markets in their internationalisation efforts and aspirations.
We speak the language of the international investor community.

Rief Financial Communications – your partner in Emerging Europe and beyond

Reputation building

We support companies in their internationalisation efforts and their search for external financing.

  • Sharpen the corporate profile against a global context.
  • Actively manage the reputation of your company.
  • Implement novel methods to attract new investors

For newcomers to the capital markets it is crucial to gain attention and recognition. You want your brand to be valued by clients and attract the best people to work at your company. International investors, media and other market influencers should not overlook your company due to a lack of information.

Our targeted communication strategies help companies achieve visibility, trust and respect.

Creating value in transformation processes

Our targeted change communication strategies aim at building a responsible business and help raise competitiveness.

We bolster management in navigating their companies through times of transition and add value to their brand.

  • New transparency at state-owned-enterprises
  • Usher in new mindsets
  • Optimise brand assets

By professionalising their external relations and internal communications, companies can actively drive the change process. Clients, staff and all other stakeholders will welcome the transformation and experience a new era of accountability.

A consistent branding strategy that is embraced by the entire team adds to a company’s value.

Lending an expert hand

We make financial communications more efficient by providing inside know-how and hands-on support.

  • We advise on professional executive communications
  • We step in and take over tasks where resources are scarce
  • Our flexibility meets experience

Thanks to our familiarity with European corporate governance and our profound capital markets experience, working with our specialists will mitigate the operational risk that usually comes with engaging an external supplier.

We operate as a hand-picked team of financial communications experts with considerable experience in investment banking that can quickly pivot to the needs of the customer.

Meet the Founder

Believe it or not, growing up in the Tyrolean Alps opens up your mind to other cultures. Dealing with foreign tourists, e.g. as a ski instructor, and travelling beyond national borders that were just a hop away, made Veronika embrace a variety of cultures and languages at an early age.

Veronika worked in journalism and in investment banking, where she developed a deep knowledge of Emerging Europe. Among other positions, she was a manager at a reputed investment company in Moscow.

Following a distinguished international career, amidst the turbulences of the Lehman crisis, Veronika decided to capture that moment of epic change and set up her own business. In doing so, she remained faithful to the capital markets field and has since successfully developed her franchise. Vienna, with its countless headquarters of international organisations, has proven to be the perfect location.

A frequent traveller to the eastern part of Europe and to Central Asia, Veronika combines both her knowledge and her passion for exciting parts of the globe. And this is where Rief Financial Communications has made its name in the financial communications arena.